Welcome to Szeen!

If you’re like me then you watch a lot of movies and TV shows. So why not keep track of what you watch? Why not make a collection out of the TV shows and movies you’ve seen. 

That’s exactly why I made Szeen. 

Szeen is an app that helps you log and organize movies you’ve seen at the theater and the movies or TV shows you’ve seen at home. 

Szeen is not an app you download from the App Store. Just go to the website, szeenapp.com on your mobile device or computer, sign up for an account and search for your first title.

Robert Irish
Creator and Founder of Szeen


Your Personal Assistant for Movies and TV Shows

Never forget.

Never forget what movies and TV shows you’ve seen. At home or in the movie theater, Szeen will help you track when you saw it, if you liked it, if you own it and more.

Keep Track of What Matters to You

As much or as little as you want.

When you enter a title you’ve watched, you can choose what you want to remember including your 5-star rating, when you watched it, where, who you watched it with, and more.

Or if you just want to track the movies you own, you can leave off the date and enter which format you own such as Blu-Ray or Digital.

Szeen at the Theater

Look up your theater.

Enter the city to look up and select the theater where you watched the movie. Don’t see your theater listed? Easily add it to the Szeen theater database.

How Many Times Have You Szeen It?

Keep a watch history.

When you view a title in your collection, you can see when and where you saw it. Seeing the movie again? Tap the duplicate button to copy the details and make a new entry.

Share What You Watched

Make it known.

Szeen will generate an image for you to share on social media to let followers how you liked it and where you watched.

Explore Your Collection

Look back.

Explore all the different ways you can view your collection. Search for a title, sort by your top-rated, view only the titles you own and more.

Explore Your Collection

View by format.

Explore what you’ve watched by filtering your collection by format such as Blu-Ray, Netflix, Hulu and more.

Keep Track of What You Watch

You watch hundreds of movies and TV shows in your lifetime. Why not keep track of what you watch?